Stainless Steel Specialists

STE Engineering are your specialists in the manufacture of storage vessels (ie 'tanks') both small and large (eg 300KL).

We are able to supply all forms of service pipework for your site, such as for the delivery of steam or product that you're processing (eg wine).

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General Custom Fabrication

STE offers a wide range of engineering and fabrication for many industries.

We can fabricate quality trailers and Ute trays made to order, stainless steel barbecue areas and custom exhaust systems.

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Facility Shut Down

Whether you're moving to another site, upgrading a production line or shutting down a site, we can get the job done for you.


STE can provide a range of welding services for our clients requirements , depending on the specific requirement we can use the following welding techniques.

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Food Grade Pipework

STE can customise steel fabrication which means we can make and install food grade pipework for any business – whether you make beer or wine – our custom food grade pipework and valving systems to meet your needs.

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Tank Building/Stainless Steel Storage Vessels

We are able to build small or large storage vessels ('tanks') to suit your needs.

Whether you need a small 100 litre hot oil tank or a new twenty (20) insulated 350KL wine tank farm we are happy to quote and talk to you more about your project.


Machinery, fittings and lines wear out and we are able to work with you to get it working as required with minimal downtime.

Access Platforms and Stairways

Access stairs and platforms are essential in the wine making process.

STE has workshop facility's to fabricate and install all galvanized structural stairs, walk ways and platforms to suit our clients specific requirements and needs.

Manufacturing of Equipment

We are able to manufacture equipment to help you get the job done. As can be seen on the left, we manufactured several hundred of these fresh fruit picking trailers as per customer specifications.

Send us your drawing of the equipment you could use to make getting the job done much easier!

Industrial Equipment Installation

We are in the business of installing complete systems of tanks, pipework, access platforms and structural support framework to the food and beverage industries.

We have also installed production lines in food processing companies and are able to manufacture pieces of equipment such as incline belt conveyors to suit your needs.